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A Museum and Cultural Center
For Discovery

Step into a unique space where education and exploration come together to inspire wonder and nurture discovery.

Aiming to make education an experiential opportunity, our goal is to inspire students, teachers and the community to delve deeper into the traditions and heritage of the Chumash culture.

Bringing Chumash Culture to Life

Join us on a unique journey as we make history “come alive” through rich and immersive educational experiences.

The “Maria Solares Discovery Center” will serve as a classroom where traditional and modern technology will mix in a perfect blend to deliver a unique educational experience.

Explore, Connect and Be Inspired

A story that began almost ten thousand years ago is now alive and ready to be told by those who have preserved it for generations.

Join us on this unique educational journey and learn about the resilience, rich history and traditions of the Chumash people.

Return of the Condor

The condor that will be on display was the last female in the wild in 1986. To save her species from extinction, she was taken into captivity to become part of the captive breeding program and given the designation AC8 by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. She was one of 27 birds that founded today’s population.

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